Achieving More Through Teamwork for Managers
Course Abstract
Earn customer loyalty by teaching your team to work together to provide the best possible experience in your restaurant. By working together, employees are able to see more opportunities for service and are better able to identify potential problems. This course teaches managers how teamwork benefits customers, the two types of teamwork, the characteristics of a great team member, how to handle team conflict and how to maintain an environment in which teamwork is encouraged.
  • Discover how teamwork can help employees give great customer service
  • Understand the two types of teamwork that are necessary for a restaurant to be successful
  • Identify common ways to be a good team member
  • Learn the characteristics of a good team member
  • Explore methods for managers to maintain an environment in which teamwork is encouraged
  • Practice methods for dealing with conflict among team members
  • Managers
  • 25 minutes
  • Demonstrations
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text
  • Flash player required
  • Manager Development

Use the principles of teamwork to achieve increased customer loyalty