Social Learning
Course Abstract
Successful managers are skilled at the art of working their personal networks to get information, collaborate on ideas and continue their own learning and development. Today those networks are not only personal, but also virtual, and this presents a new challenge for leaders to master. This fast-paced course will quickly give your managers the tools and techniques they need to take advantage of social learning, in all of its various forms.
Watch a 1-minute video sample of the value of social learning in the development of your career.
  • Information about how to use personal networks most effectively by using preliminary research to prepare for personal discussions
  • Using social media to keep on top of industry topics, engage in continuous learning and get new ideas that managers can put to immediate use
  • Advice from peers on which types of social learning might be appropriate for different problems or topics
  • Assistant Managers
  • General Managers
  • 5-6 minutes
  • Best practice advice
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text option
  • Mobile-ready
  • Leader Development

How to leverage virtual networks