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Make learning fun

Train the way millennials expect to learn, with interactive, online courses, videos and other content that you can upload.

Assign content with a click

Save managers time with one-click course assignments on an interactive, dynamic dashboard.

Track compliance

Make regulatory audits a snap with a full compliance curriculum and easy reporting of training completion details.

Award achievements

Improve employee engagement with an integrated rewards and recognition system.

Employ blended learning

Use checklists and observation forms to track off-line training and validate performance.

Provide career paths

Improve tenure by providing a view of future learning opportunities and a management development curriculum.

See status at-a-glance

View the training progress of your whole team on a dashboard and instantly see where closer management is needed.

Automate exams

Eliminate test administration burden with an easy, integrated exam builder and automatic grading.

View dynamic reports

Get detailed reports for one or all locations by skill position, learning program or individual employee.
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Customize restaurant learning programs to meet your specific needs
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