Improving Performance Through Feedback
Course Abstract
It’s not always easy to hear that you’re doing something wrong, and it’s even harder to react objectively and grow from the experience. Enhance your managers’ performance by teaching them how to effectively give and receive feedback. This course will discuss how to facilitate productive discussions and how to prepare a plan of action based on feedback.
  • Discover how to set SMART goals and their relevance to timing
  • Communicate issues (challenges) based on corporate hierarchy
  • Identify how to obtain a good understanding of a situation or person
  • Explore strategies for leading good discussions
  • Determine how to prepare a plan of action
  • Understand the value of feedback and growth
  • Gain the ability to solicit feedback
  • Learn how to investigate without drawing early conclusions
  • Attain strategies for communicating feedback by focusing on objective facts
  • Managers
  • 30-35 minutes
  • Demonstrations
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text
  • Flash player required
  • Manager Development

Enhance your managers’ ability to improve themselves through feedback