Figure 8
Course Abstract
Each shift has new surprises, but following a figure 8 will help your managers handle the unexpected effectively, without losing focus on their regular duties. This course teaches managers that dividing their restaurant into sections and then making regular passes through each section will help them to increase efficiency and productivity. It explains the importance of dealing with issues immediately, how to recognize when a manager’s leadership skills are needed most and how to prioritize and resolve common issues.
  • Discover the importance of dividing the restaurant into sections, and then making a regular pass through each section
  • Practice simultaneously identifying common issues and prioritizing the order in which the issues should be addressed
  • Identify common issues at each stop of the figure 8
  • Prioritize the order in which common issues should be addressed
  • Explore how to resolve common issues identified at each stop of the figure 8
  • Managers
  • 30-40 minutes
  • Practice simulation
  • Prioritization exercise
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text
  • Flash player required
  • Manager Development

Follow a figure 8 to effectively handle the unexpected