Code of Conduct
Course Abstract
This course educates managers about the ethical guidelines that must be followed to protect their reputation and the reputation of the company. It emphasizes the important role managers play in setting a standard for ethical decision making.
  • Financial Transactions – reporting must be factual to ensure statements are not overstated, understated or falsified
  • Communications – all communications should be open, honest and factual and adhere to corporate guidelines
  • Conflicts of Interest – act ethically and in the best interest of the company at all times
  • Gifts and Gratuities – never solicit gifts in exchange for business transactions, consideration or favors
  • Confidential and Proprietary Information – respect the confidentiality of company information
  • Reporting Ethical Concerns – employees should know steps for reporting ethically questionable behavior
  • Managers
  • 5-7 minutes
  • Interactive discovery
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text option
  • Mobile-ready
  • Manager Compliance

Protect your company by teaching managers to make the proper ethical choices