Trainee Needs
Course Abstract
Train your trainers to recognize the needs of the trainee in order to improve their performance and avoid early attrition. With a deeper understanding of how their words and actions affect learning early on in the process, trainers can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their training, while providing a better foundation for trainees.
  • Explores a trainee’s mindset in terms of comfort level, attitude and focus
  • Explains the relationship between the trainee’s mindset and performance
  • Demonstrates ways to increase a trainee’s comfort level with video examples
  • Identifies the impact of specific scenarios on trainees through an interactive activity
  • Confirms comprehension with integrated quiz
  • Hourly Employees
  • 5-6 minutes
  • Video scenarios
  • Interactive activity
  • Integrated quiz
  • English narration
  • Onscreen text option
  • Mobile-ready
  • Train the Trainer

Improve training effectiveness by meeting trainee needs