Food Safety Awareness
Course Abstract
Reduce liability risk and avoid negative publicity through interactive food safety training that demonstrates the critical importance of proper food handling to the physical safety of your customers and employees. This essential course educates employees about the critical role they play in providing a clean and safe environment for customers and how to prevent potentially dangerous situations involving foodborne illness and food allergens.
Watch a 2-minute video sample answering frequent asked questions regarding food handling practices.
  • How a foodborne illness occurs and who is most at risk
  • How food can be contaminated and how to prevent contamination from occurring
  • The temperature danger zone and how it affects the food we receive, store, prepare and serve
  • The dangers of cross-contamination, including common causes and the critical role that managers and employees play in prevention
  • Essential information for receiving and storing food safely
  • Critical guidelines for prepping, cooking and cooling food safely
  • The Big 8 food allergens and the symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • How to prevent food-related allergic reactions and the steps to follow should one occur
  • Hourly Employees
  • 25-30 minutes
  • Interactive discovery
  • Interactive quiz
  • Integrated exam
  • English narration
  • Spanish narration
  • Onscreen text option
  • Mobile ready
  • Emplyee Compliance

Used by Culver’s to reduce food safety training time by 75%