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Campus levels
Create sub-campuses to segment learners by location, franchisee or district.
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Designate others who can manage content, employees and manager permissions across your campus.
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Upload content & resources
Add your own trackable courses, videos, presentations and documents and integrate with DiscoverLink courses into learning programs. Create reference area for non-trackable content.
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Learning program management
Organize content into learning programs, including setting prerequisites.
Provide managers with at-a-glance status of training in their locations, one-click assignments and 21 integrated reports.
Set up printable certificates on any trackable content or learning program that are automatically awarded upon completion.
Upload employees
Avoid manual entry by uploading your employee roster using a provided template.
Custom campus branding
Upload your company logo to appear on the login page, learner’s to-do list and manager’s dashboard.
Add managers
Identify managers at each location who can access the dashboard, proctor exams and checklists, and view reports.
Basic exam builder
Create exams with a choice of 4 question types and set passing score.
Advanced exam builder
Choose from 7 question types including visual matching. Define proctor, timeout, sequence and pooling settings.
Checklist builder
Create checklists and observation forms to track offline training in a blended learning approach. Define proctor and comment settings.
Automated assignments
Assign learning programs to all employees in a location with one click.
Recurring learning programs
Set learning programs to be reassigned automatically on a timeframe you specify – great for compliance training.
Pre-defined reports
View 10 real-time reports tailored to the manager’s permission levels in the campus hierarchy.
Rewards & recognition
Award badges and ribbons for completion of learning programs and behavioral achievements to keep learners motivated. Display completed programs and career path in learner’s trophy case.
Assign training by skill position
Automatically assign training to new learners based on their skill position.
Group positions by skill category
Organize skill positions into categories, such as front-of-house and back-of-house, to group on the dashboard.
Define learning program categories
Better manage complex or lengthy learning programs by setting up categories to provide learner with a simpler view.
Send alerts to learners or managers upon assignment or completion of learning programs.
Send location-specific or campus-wide messages within the LMS to managers only or all learners.
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