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How many locations do you have?

On average, how many employees are at each location?



Independents with <10 employees or
chains new to e-learning
$ ? / month per location
Includes 1 free course
  • Learning program management
  • Dashboard for training assignments & status
  • Certificates for training completion


Independents or chains with multiple
managers and with content to include
$ ? / month per location
Includes 3 free courses
All Starter features plus:
  • Custom campus branding
  • Add administrators & managers
  • Upload own content & reference resources
  • Checklist & basic exam builder
  • Recurring learning programs
  • Automated assignments
  • Dynamic multi-level reports
  • Rewards & recognition


Independents with >50 employees or
small chains with big plans
$ ? / month per location
Includes 5 free courses

All Entree features plus:
  • Auto-assign training by skill positions
  • Advanced exam builder
  • Notifications for assignments & completions
  • Campus-wide messaging
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Frequently Asked Questions
Throughout our 15+ years of providing e-learning solutions to the restaurant industry, we have learned that training is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity. With that in mind, we have created subscription plans and a pricing model that allow for a continuous training process at a predictable cost.
No, our pricing is based on a per location model, because we understand that the restaurant industry has high turnover rates and seasonal staffing fluctuations that make tracking total employees very difficult. With a per location pricing model, you have the flexibility to add and remove employees as much as you need to without impacting your monthly price. 
Yes! Because our model is based on an annual subscription rather than per use, an employee can retake content as needed. This is very useful for refresher training or performance remediation.
Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've helped more than 200 restaurant brands with their e-learning solutions over the past 15 years, so you can count on our experience to help you through the process. After you select a plan and courses to include, just folllow the simple setup wizard to create your campus. If you'd like a sneak peek at the process, check out this quick video: See How it Works
Don't worry just provide an average (divide the total number of employees by the number of locations). This number helps us calculate your price, but it does not need to be exact because we price on a per location basis.
Yes, DiscoverLink Talent is designed for medium to large restaurant chains. It includes more advanced features, full service implementation, and more customization options. 
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